Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy 49 1/3th Birthday, Orel Hershiser!

Orel Hershiser's 49th birthday was such a seminal event in the sports world that the NFL is doing it again four months later. On Orel's birthday last year (Sept 16), New England destroyed San Diego 38-14 and Green Bay beat down the Giants 35-13. On January 21 of this year, the NFL is re-staging those matchups via the two Conference Championship Games. Is it coincidence that this year's Super Bowl lands on the day after Groundhog Day?

Anyhow, if this Sunday's matchups provide the same results, I guess the Chargers and Giants will be headed home. And if your Sept 16 was anything like mine, I guess you'll also watch the D-Backs beat the Dodgers 6-1, go catch a late afternoon showing of Mr. Woodcock, then, after getting denied admittance to Orel's birthday event, head crosstown and sneak into Ed Begley's Jr's 58th birthday gathering.