Friday, January 18, 2008

Dodgers and Padres to Square Off in China

Hey, I guess walking around Shanghai with a Dodgers/Sons of Steve Garvey sandwich board advertisement paid dividends! The Dodgers will announce next week that they will play the Padres in China this preseason:

BEIJING (AP) - New Dodgers manager Joe Torre and Padres Hall of Famer Dave Winfield are scheduled to appear at a reception on Jan. 24 to announce Major League Baseball's first games in China, exhibitions between Los Angeles and San Diego on March 15-16.

MLB also is opening its season in Japan for the third time when the World Series champion Boston Red Sox play the Oakland Athletics at the Tokyo Dome on March 25-26.

Sure, this puts even more screws to poor Vero Beach. But I can just picture Rick Monday salivating to make this call: "Kemp goes back, way back, to the wall, to the GREAT wall...".


Xeifrank said...

haha, funny post. You can't have a post about China without Xeifrank chiming in can you!? I am very happy that the Dodgers will be playing in China. I just wish it was last March instead of this March, as i would've been there. My words of advice for the Dodgers and Padres players making the trip is to bring plenty of anti-biotics along. No not from the call girls, but from the terrible air pollution. More than a couple of days will get you a good shot at getting an upper respiratory or sinus infection, take your pick. The air is terrible in Beijing, but other than that, it's the best place I've ever visited, and yes I've been to Long Beach CA. March is also a bad time for dust storms blowing in off of the Gobi desert. They've planted tens of thousands of trees ringing the city in an attempt to ease the spring dust storms, but I doubt it makes much of a difference. Also, if you want to get a look at the two Olympic baseball stadiums in Beijing there is a Cal Ripken video going around on You Tube where he tours the facility (let google be your friend on that one). Didn't look like there were any outfield seating, only seating down the left and right field lines.

Are they still going to Taiwan for a couple of games afterwards?
vr, Xei

Orel said...

Xei, are you saying that you won't catch anything from the call girls there? Just wondering.

Xeifrank said...

Orel, not saying that. One you have control over, the other you don't. You have to breath. You don't have to visit the ladies.
vr, Xei

Steve Sax said...

Neither I, nor my "companion," were too debilitated by the air pollution. Heavy breathing worked just fine.