Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Belated Look at Other Dodger Employees in the Rose Parade

As much as we celebrate them, the Dodgers aren't all Vinny and Jaime and Tommy and Loney and Penny and Garvey. Thirteen longtime Dodger employees were selected to walk alongside the Dodger float in this year's Rose Parade:

name position years of service
Ray Alvarado usher captain 11
Cheryl Collins guest relations 7
Diana Darr usher captain 16
Earl Davidson usher captain 15
Eddie Gonzalez assistant manager 44!
Raul Gutierrez security and assistant manager 9
Sara Guzman usher captain 13
Anthony Lopez usher captain 29
Richard Montano security lead 26
Raul Rodriguez assistant manager 19
Jim Terminal usher captain 19
Al Garcia security 2
John Northcott security 2

Two lucky employees won the chance to ride on the float: Danny Telford, an electrician with 10 years of service, and Kevin Waters, a stadium utility worker with 25 years of service.

Congrats to all employees! So...did you get paid?


Check out Xeifrank's parade photos. Ernest at Blue Heaven has also scoured the internet for parade pictures.

photo by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers