Monday, October 01, 2007

Frank McCourt Once Again Fleeces The Fans

"Fan Appreciation," my ass.

Dodger owner Frank McCourt called a press-conference on the final day of the season, a day when Dodger fans are still reeling from a disastrous season that ended with a freefall from first place to fourth, a clubhouse racked by internal dissension, and a 11-2 spanking by the Giants. And what did McCourt say?

According to Tony Jackson, McCourt is raising ticket prices. Yet again, for the third time in the three years since he's been owner.

As for ticket prices, he says they will increase next year in sections of the ballpark where renovations (or, as Frank called them, investments) are expected to take place, and he said this winter's phase of renovations will cost $70 million to $80 million. But he also said at least 10,000 seats will remain affordably priced -- or, in his words, ``accessible to any fan who wants to come to the ballpark and be part of the Dodgers experience.''

This is the thanks we get for showing up to games and giving you attendance records despite the fact that you can't provide us a playoff-caliber team?

This is the thanks we get for living through the disaster of the 2007 season, including inept coaching and management?

This is the thanks we get for watching 162 games WITHOUT ONE POWER BAT IN THE LINEUP???

McCourt claims this is "to pay for renovations to the stadium," which reflects a fundamentally flawed understanding of why these renovations are taking place in the first place, as well as the responsibility McCourt should feel like he has to his fans. Quite simply, McCourt needs to improve the stadium in order to make it a decent experience for fans to begin with. Dodger fans should not have to spend three innings in a food line, or comfortable in outdated restrooms that look like they came from a 1950's high school. But YOU OWE this to the Dodger fans, Frankie--especially with that under-potential team you're assembling on the field (let alone the coaching staff).

Give us a playoff team, and I'll pay more. Don't give us a playoff team, as you did this year, and you just demonstrate how sycophantic and lecherous you truly are, sucking the life out of your loyal fans through omnipresent price increases. You. Suck.

There's a reason why Arte Moreno and the Angels are in the playoffs, and the Dodgers aren't.

Being the owner of a crown-jewel franchise like the Dodgers should be an honor and a privilege, Frank McCourt. So why do you treat it like a Pennsylvania coal mine, stripping the life from the asset (the fans) and leaving a dark and sad hole in your wake?

Let me put this another way: If you raise ticket prices next year, A-Rod sure as hell better be in our lineup.


blueboy said...

Said perfectly. But no matter what you, or anybody else says, Dodger fans show blind loyalty, and continue to attend horribly managed games. Win or lose, they come to the ballpark. Management spends the money the fans put in, and they spend it in the worst way.
We have been power-starved since Gary Sheffield was traded, and they go out and get us a second lead-off hitter.WTF! Parking goes up to $15.00, and where is this money going? I for one, will tear up any letter the Dodgers send me, trying to get me to buy tickets. I will delete any e-mail sent to me from I put my heart and soul into a team for six months every year and get nothing in return.