Monday, January 14, 2008

Bud Light: False Advertising

Driving around Los Angeles this week, I spotted a Bud Light outdoor ad with the tagline: "Endless Refreshment / Superior Drinkability".

Now, I don't know how to refute "superior drinkability," given the latter term isn't even a word. Even if one defines "drinkability" as "the ability of the item to be drunk," the relative comparison gives Bud Light the excuse that it could be measured relative to some incredibly viscous substance, like tar for example.

But as for the former claim of "endless refreshment," I submit to you the following photo evidence:

"Endless" is a bit of stretch, don't you think? I think the refreshment ended precisely twenty seconds before this shot was taken. If not sooner.


Orel said...

For me, "endless refreshment" means the F5 key is stuck.

bobmac said...

As the old saying goes (at least this modified version)...when your down to Bud, (or Miller, or Corona, or Michelob) your out of beer!