Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

From "Notes: Furcal nursing injured shoulder: Leadoff hitter will be held out of spring action for a few days" by Ken Gurnick at

VERO BEACH, Fla. -- Shortstop and leadoff hitter Rafael Furcal injured his shoulder for the second consecutive spring, won't make the Dodgers' overnight trip to Ft. Myers, Fla., on Monday and isn't sure when he'll return to action.

"Just like last year," said Furcal, who hasn't played since the exhibition opener Thursday in Orlando. "It hurts to throw and to swing the bat a little. They [are giving] me a few days off. It's not as bad as it was last year. I'll be ready for Opening Day."

Great, just like last year. Guess we can expect another subpar April from our leadoff hitter.