Monday, March 12, 2007

Kuo Wasn't Juicing; He Was Just Sick

AP newswires this morning said that Dodger Hong-Chih Kuo "tested positive for stimulants before joining Taiwan's team at the Asian Games in Doha three months ago, but either cold or pain medications were to blame," according to sports officials.

Kevin Chen, secretary general of Taiwan's Olympic Committee, said samples taken from Kuo, as well as two other members of the baseball team, Yeh Chun-chang and Lin Yi-chuan, tested positive for banned drugs before the December Doha competition.

The three players explained that they had taken either cold or pain medications containing a banned substance, Chen said.

All three competed at Doha but received verbal warnings and were asked to clear their medications with the team doctor, Chen said.

"The situation is quite innocent," Chen said in a phone interview.

Taiwan beat Japan 8-7 in the baseball gold medal game at Doha. Kuo did not pitch in the final, and Taiwan's manager said at the time he didn't feel well.

The steroid issue has gotten so ridiculously absurd now that I'm not sure who is juicing, nor am I sure what a reasonable alibi would sound like. Next we're going to hear about some player blaming poppyseed rolls. Sheesh.