Saturday, March 17, 2007

Frank McCourt to Fix Everything This Year. You Will Pay for It


As for Dodger Stadium, [Frank] McCourt said the ongoing renovation this offseason included infrastructure work in preparation for next offseason's expansion of the concourses and an overhaul of traffic flow into and out of the Dodger Stadium parking lot that will go into effect this year.

He said the number of lot attendants will be doubled and the traffic patterns that have existed relatively unchanged since the stadium opened 45 years ago will be changed, with new signs and lights and the renaming or renumbering of lots.

McCourt said parking was one of three major projects his new ownership undertook based on fan input. The other two are stadium seats, which have all been replaced, and long concession lines, which he said will be resolved next year with the expansion of the concourses and doubling of concession stands and restroom facilities.

An overhaul of traffic flow? Fantastic! But every silver lining has a cloud. From Dodger Blues:

Yes, Frank McCourt has increased parking at the stadium to $15 a car. Yes, he's a dick. But you're the bigger asshole for actually paying the $15. Unless you've got gangrene and can't walk more than a couple hundred feet, park your friggin' car outside the stadium and get some goddamn exercise. Believe me, you can find parking... unless, of course, McCourt manages to convince the City of LA to ban street parking around the stadium, in which case he can eat my rotting dingleberries.

And as for "the expansion of the concourses and doubling of concession stands and restroom facilities," where exactly are twice the number of food stands and bathrooms going to fit? Hey Frank—crank-operated relish dispensers above the urinal troughs don't count.


Steve Sax said...

But seriously, who uses the relish anyway?