Thursday, March 08, 2007

Former Dodger Finds His Mojo

"I had hitting all figured out five or six years ago. Now I'm learning how to hit." -- Shawn Green.

Isn't that special? I bet the Dodgers and Diamondbacks brass are thrilled to know that Green's finally turned that corner. According to, Green Rediscover(ed) His Lost Swing.

Green called his altered stance "a better hitting position" and said it enabled him to be "more powerful and more aggressive. It's a pretty big difference. It's kind of bold doing this now. It's kind of scary to make changes. But it's the right thing."

Green, 34, thought he had detected and corrected a four-year-old flaw in his swing during the offseason. Concerned about a significant decline in power -- from 157 home runs in a four-year stretch ending in 2002 to 84 over the past four years -- he watched video during the offseason and compared it to tapes of himself in his third season with the Dodgers, 2002. That was when he hit .285 with 42 home runs and 114 RBIs.

A FOUR YEAR OLD FLAW? Even when I played in little league (where the Mendoza Line was my unattainable holy grail), it only took me ten games to figure out how to hit the ball with something besides my lower back. Now if Shawn can only figure out how to correct his three-decade-old fielding suckiness.


Orel said...

To be fair, the Dodgers only paid him $67 million to use that defective swing.