Thursday, March 15, 2007

For Your Consideration: A Laker Tirade.

Just wondering, but does anyone else out there think that the Lakers might be better off with tanking the rest of the season and missing the playoffs? I mean, where is the upside in getting strafed in 4 games by the Mavs, Spurs or Suns? If the Lakers missed the playoffs, they would at least have a shot at a lucky bounce of the ball in the lottery, right? Maybe pull off a minor miracle and end up with an Oden or Durant? I'd think the odds on the Lakers' winning the lottery would have to be better than winning a series against the top teams in the West. But that's just me. Now back to your regularly scheduled baseball and March Madness content.


Jim Chones said...

With the rate at which the Clippers are losing games, I am not so sure that the Lakers could miss the playoffs even if they did go into the tank. There isn't a whole lot of difference between having the 13th vs the 17th pick in the draft to make such a tanking worthwhile. I think the Lakers would take a "hit" from season ticket holders if they did such a thing.