Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dodgers Squeak by Cards, 3-2; Hendrickson, Pierre Strong

Dodgers 3, Cardinals 2

Despite a run in the eighth and a run in the ninth, the Cardinals lost to the Dodgers 3-2 in a game that could likely exemplify next year's campaign--little offense, the need for solid starting pitching, and the Dodgers barely holding on to win it.

On the mound, Mark Hendrickson pitched five innings of no-run ball with 3 H and 2Ks. His spring ERA is 4.63. Jonathan Meloan got the save despite giving up the only earned run for the Dodgers.

Juan Pierre went 3 for 3 in the two-slot batting behind Tony Abreu; Pierre got a RBI and is now batting .444 this spring. James Loney went 2 for 3 and Matt Kemp went 2 for 4. Andre Ethier went 0 for 3 and left 5 on base, but he still is batting .400 this spring. Andy La Roche, on the other hand, went 0 for 4, left 8 on base, and is now batting .212. The gaping hole at third gets worse every day.

The Dodgers are split-squad today and play another game this afternoon.


DodgerFan in Idaho said...

"...the Dodgers barely holding on to win it."

I think you're way off with that comment. How can you even say that with the strong bullpen we're shaping up to have this year?

Steve Sax said...

If you mean, a bullpen that is stocked with starters who can't fit in our rotation, then I suppose you're right.

The fact of the matter is that we won't score a lot of runs, our starters don't go deep, and the middle relief is suspect. If we can get to Broxton/Saito, I'm more comfortable--but try and just think about Hendrickson and Tomko and Dessens out there in the sixth and seventh without wincing. I dare you.

DodgerFan in Idaho said...

Elmer Dessens won't last the second month of the season.

I do agree with you that our 3rd base options are thin. Wilson Betemit had better get off to a fast start otherwise I think we should give the position to Nomar and let Loney flourish at 1st.