Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Nostalgic Look at Dodgertown

The Orlando Sentinel just posted a piece on Dodgertown in its penultimate Spring Training year.

VERO BEACH--Down the road from Dodgertown, the lunch crowd files into Bobby's Restaurant, some young, some old. Talk of batting orders, the bullpen and starting rotations begins.

Regulars wash down burgers with brews at the bar. Waitresses drift from one table to the next, like bees buzzing from flower to flower. Clamor grows louder.

Here, it's forever spring. Bobby's and the Los Angeles Dodgers go way back. The two have been close since the restaurant's start in 1981. Vin Scully has been a spring regular. Sandy Koufax, too. Autographed photos line the walls, all symbols of Dodgers past in Vero Beach that will soon begin to fade.

"Beer always." -Rick Monday

"To Bobby: You and the Dodgers are great." -Your friend, Tommy Lasorda

I liked the hometown-feel lead of the article, even though the rest of the piece isn't exactly breaking news. And, I had to wonder whether Rick Monday wrote that quote as a player, or as a broadcaster.

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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for the lottery and a chance no matter how small of getting Kevin Durant...Oh wait, this isn't "sonsofacgreen.net" sorry

MINNEAPOLIS - The odds of the Lakers playing the rest of the season without forward Lamar Odom increased Monday when a second exam confirmed the original finding of a torn labrum in Odom's left shoulder.

A final decision on whether Odom will undergo season-ending surgery will be made in two to three weeks, with the Lakers holding out hope that Odom might be able to strengthen the shoulder enough to return for the playoffs.

Steve Sax said...

"Sons of AC Green" isn't funny.

"Sons of Steve Garvey" is.

Rob said...

Lasorda misspelled the pronoun "I" in that dedication to Bobby Valentine.