Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The quiet currently surrounding Chavez Ravine? That's the sweet sound of no organizational drama. And it's been a while coming:

  • 1998 (83-79, 3rd): Fox buys Dodgers. Mike Piazza traded for Gary Sheffield, among others. Fred Claire fired as general manager, replaced by interim GM Tommy Lasorda. Bill Russell fired as manager, replaced by interim manager Glenn Hoffman. Kevin Malone hired as GM. Davey Johnson hired as manager. Kevin Brown signed to 7-year, $105 million contract.
  • 1999 (77-85, 3rd): Robert Daly hired as managing partner, chairman and CEO. Dodgers trade for Shawn Green.
  • 2000 (86-76, 2nd): Johnson fired, replaced by Jim Tracy. Darren Dreifort signed to 5-year, $55 million contract.
  • 2001 (86-76, 3rd): Malone fired, replaced by interim GM Dave Wallace. Dan Evans hired as GM.
  • 2002 (92-70, 3rd): Sheffield traded.
  • 2003 (85-77, 2nd): Brown traded.
  • 2004 (93-69, 1st): Frank McCourt buys Dodgers. Evans fired, replaced by Paul DePodesta. Paul Lo Duca traded. Mariners sign Adrian Beltre.
  • 2005 (71-91, 4th): Green traded. Depodesta fired, replaced by Ned Colletti. Tracy fired, replaced by Grady Little.
  • 2006 (88-74, 2nd/WC): ???
Meanwhile, the Padres are searching for a manager, the Giants are just getting to know their new manager while dealing with major roster issues, the Diamondbacks' 36-year-old GM has limited money to get his team above .500, and the Rockies are going with a youth movement. I'm hopeful.