Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dodgers' Hot Stove (Vol. 1)

Now that the Budweiser is finally drying in the Busch Stadium carpet, we have yet another data point that falls on the "anything can happen in a short series" side of the ledger. So the key concept is to just get into the playoffs. With that in mind, what's the best way the Dodgers can get to the 86-88 wins it would likely take to win the West?


Orel said...

From Sports Illustrated: " 'It's not the best team that wins,' Cardinals manager Tony La Russa said.... 'It's the team that plays the best baseball.' " So true, Tony, so true.

Orel said...

If you're talking about keeping the status quo (88 wins): Re-sign Nomar. Re-sign Maddux. Re-sign (gulp) Lofton. Hope Padres and Giants don't sign anyone big.

Steve Sax said...

Why is this font smaller than the other posts?