Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Archiving the SoSG 2014 Attendance Record, For Posterity

Okay, Opening Day is around the corner, and the other Sons are (rightfully) pissed that we haven't cleaned up the shop around here to herald in the new season. A new season where hope springs eternal, and the slate is wiped clean of last year's disappointments (and celebrations, though it's harder for me to remember those).

So now is a good time for us to archive the 2014 SoSG attendance record, which will be removed from the sidebar shortly to start the new 2015 season.

Adding 22-12 leaves us at 128-86 over the last seven seasons, which is an unbelievable .598 record. I'm telling you, if the Dodgers were smart, they'd throw us a season ticket and watch the team channel our cheering prowess (and rapier wit) to victory.

There are insights to be derived from this data, most notably that Dusty went to a shitload of games last year, and Sax decided to take the whole goddamn season off. But we'll talk about this more later. For now, there's no more time to waste, so here's the 2014 attendance journal:

SoSG 2014 Record: 22-12

3/21 @ AZ, W (3-1): AC, Sax [Australia]
3/22 @ AZ, W (7-5): AC, Sax [Australia]
4/2 @ SD, W (5-1): Sax
4/4 vs. SF, L (8-4): Dusty, Stubbs
4/5 vs. SF, L (7-2): Dusty
4/8 vs. DET, W (3-2 (10)): AC, Dusty
4/9 vs. DET, L (7-6 (10)): Nomo
4/19 vs. AZ, W (8-6): Dusty
4/22 vs. PHI, L (3-2 (10)): Dusty
4/24 vs. PHI, L (7-3): Dusty
4/26 vs. COL, W (6-3): Dusty
5/10 vs. SF, W (6-2): Dusty
5/13 vs. MIA, W (7-1): AC, Dusty
5/27 vs. CIN, W (6-3): AC, Dusty
6/4 vs. CWS, L (2-1): Dusty
6/26 vs. STL, W (1-0): Dusty
6/27 vs. STL, L (3-1): Delino
6/28 vs. STL, W (9-1): Dusty
6/29 vs. STL, W (6-0): Dusty
6/30 vs. CLE, W (1-0): Dusty
7/12 vs. SD, W (1-0): AC, Dusty
7/13 vs. SD, W (1-0): Orel
7/29 vs. ATL, W (8-4): Dusty
8/3 vs. CHI, L (7-3): Dusty
8/15 vs. MIL, L (6-3): Delino
8/16 vs. MIL, L (3-2): Dusty
8/21 vs. SD, W (2-1): Dusty
8/24 vs. NYM, L (11-3): Dusty
9/5 vs. ARI, W (2-1): AC
9/6 vs. ARI, W (5-2): Dusty
9/7 vs. ARI, W (7-2): Orel
9/22 vs. SF, L (5-2): Dusty
9/27 vs. COL, W (6-5): Dusty
9/28 vs. COL, W (10-5): Nomo

Prior SoSG attendance records: 2008 (18-15), 2009 (21-10), 2010 (9-8), 2011 (10-7), 2012 (24-18), 2013 (24-16)


Hideo Nomo said...

I only went to two games?

Hideo Nomo said...

I feel like I went to at least one more, but I can't for the life of me remember which one(s).

Steve Sax said...

let me know and I'll change the post!

Dusty Baker said...

I remembered that you went to an early one and the last one, Nomo. Can't remember the other (because I'm following you). Man you gotta get out more this season!