Monday, April 06, 2015

Some Opening-Day Ticket Stats

Got a nice email from Kim at the ticket marketplace Rukkus, offering ticket data that we might find useful. Here are some basic comparisons to get us started. Rukkus takes ticket-data requests, so let us know if there's any particular data you'd like to see.

Here's the data we compiled. Everything is based on secondary market ticket prices (sites like StubHub, VividSeats, Rukkus, etc). Enjoy!

Average ticket prices in the NL West
Giants = $96.43
Padres = $71.20
Diamondbacks = $64.85
Dodgers = $61.82
Rockies = $59.73

Average ticket prices of California teams
Giants = $96.43
Athletics = $76.95
Angels = $64.23
Padres = $69.54
Dodgers = $61.82

Min/max ticket prices for the 2015 Dodgers season
Minimum = $3.00
Maximum = $6,023.00

Thanks, Kim! As much as Dodger fans complain when the team raises ticket prices, it seems that the Dodgers are on the low end of the spectrum within the division as well as the state. But, as the last factoid shows, ticket prices for the better seats at Dodger Stadium can get expensive, fast. Expect that trend to continue with no end in sight to the Time-Warner debacle.


Steve Sax said...

We have more supply of tickets than our peers