Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Opening Day Reflections

I was lucky enough to go to Opening Day this year as I bought a 20-game mini plan.  We got there really early and parking going in was a snap.  We arrived about 11 am and the lanes were wide open!

I was getting pretty hungry so I was able to get my first Dodger Dog of the season.  Ah, back at home.  Nice to be at the park. Because we were top deck, we could not go down to the other eateries.  I am still craving to try this fried Dodger Dog!

It was a beautiful day for a game, partly cloudy, kind of cool, great for a day game.  It was actually cold in the shade for me.

All the pageantry was there, from the fireworks to the flyovers.  The flag shaped as America was neat, but I like the huge, take up the whole outfield flag.  It was a pretty good crowd out, but didn't seem like it was totally packed.  I think with more of the standing room only tables in the back of each level, the seats seem more open.

Below is Kershaw's first pitch.  He looked a little off, especially at the start, but with 9 strikeouts, you can't complain.  Seemed like Kemp had his number.  Oh, and it was nice that people cheered for Kemp at the start, but towards the later innings, they were booing.

Some observations:

1. The Tinashe mini concert at the start seemed forced.  Her dancing and singing on top of the dugout seemed almost inappropriate.  I'd rather listen to Nancy Bea.  #FreeNancyBea
2. The outfield grass looks awesome.
3. The audio seemed very low.  I remember last year it was WAAYYY too loud.  Seems like they turned the dial too much to the right as I couldn't hear anything that the video board was displaying.  
4. The game was a little tense and I still can't believe that JRoll knocked that one out.  Phew.  
5. Leaving the stadium was pretty bad, but was to be expected on opening day.  
6. Give the top deck more food options.  Maybe one of the specialty places like La Taqueria.
7. Holy crap there is a lot of advertisement around the stadium.  Remember when that outfield wall was just blue?  Or even with just the player silhouettes? 
8. Stadium wifi was pretty good.  Didn't run out of battery life!
9. The usher uniforms are green.  Yuck.  I get it though.  If they wear blue or white, no one would know that they work for the stadium.  But green?  

In any event, it was great to be back at the park.  Great to get that win.  I'm very hopeful for this year!

Go Blue!


Fred's Brim said...

Good point on the ads on the outfield wall. Next thing you know, they'll be putting a "hit bull, win steak" bull at the back of the bullpen.

Which would actually be a lot better than that Montejo monstrosity in right