Friday, April 03, 2015

A Few Vin Nuggets

"Oh that's right, I ordered a rainbow."

Vin Scully gave an interview to Barry Garron of Westways magazine. Here are some highlights:

Q: Who is the greatest baseball player?

A: I can only judge from my own personal experiences. When I look back over the years, the first name that comes to mind—and, unfortunately, he's not in the Hall of Fame—is Gil Hodges, former first baseman of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Q: Is it good advice not to get too close to the players?

A: I think so. When Red [Barber] gave me that advice, I was the same age or younger than the players. He did not want me to get so close that it would perhaps color my broadcasting. Maybe I'd be afraid to say the guy made a dumb play or whatever because he's my buddy. And he didn't want me to play cards so as not to win somebody else's money or lose mine to them. He was very wise. Nowadays, at my age, they just call me Mr. Scully and let it go at that.


Fred's Brim said...

Goddammit, I am ready for some baseball!

Dusty Baker said...

It's tiiiiiiiiime for some baseball, goddammit!

Jason said...

If you look up success in the dictionary, it should just say, "being half as good at something as Vin is at his job."

karen said...

I am SOOOO ready!!