Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whole Foods Gourmet-Eating McCourt Appreciates Colletti's Shopping Trips to Food 4 Less

I don't know if I'd be framing this certificate for the office wall, but Ned Colletti received an endorsement of confidence from universally-loathed Dodgers owner Frank McCourt:

The Dodgers are on pace to post consecutive losing seasons for the first time since Frank McCourt bought the team in 2004, but the embattled owner said Monday that he supports General Manager Ned Colletti.

The All-Star Game was abuzz with rumors that McCourt might soon fire Colletti and replace him with one of the Dodgers' assistant general managers, DeJon Watson or Logan White. However, in a statement, McCourt dismissed those rumors and extended a vote of confidence to Colletti.

"Any rumors about Ned being replaced are inaccurate, false and utterly unfounded," said the statement issued by Steve Sugerman, a spokesman for McCourt. "He has Frank's support." [...]

Colletti's contract expires after next season, although the contract could be extended if option years are exercised.

Yeah, but we all know how to interpret a GM endorsement from Frank McCourt. Colletti did land us Andre Ethier and a rental of Manny Ramirez, but also can be credited for the albatrosses of Jason Schmidt, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones, and most recently, Juan Uribe. It's tough to figure out what Colletti could have done had he had more free access to the McCourt vault this year, but his track record over the course of his tenure definitely had hits and misses throughout.

I'd keep that resume polished just in case.