Saturday, July 16, 2011

Post-Game 94 Thread: Winning Streak Stops At Five


On a Los Angeles night stilled by Carmageddon, the Dodgers didn't put up much of a fight in Arizona either, losing 3-2. The bad news is the Dodgers' winning streak stopped at five; the worse news was that the Dodgers' record over the last ten games is only 5-5. On the bright side, however, Matt Kemp has hit home runs in every game since the All-Star break. Too bad that wasn't enough to give hard-luck Hiroki Kuroda (6.0 IP, 5 H, 0 BB and 7 Ks, but 3 ER off a three-run HR by Brandon Allen in the second inning) the victory; Kuroda falls to 6-11. Rubber match tomorrow.


Neeebs (The Original) said...

Always wondered why they call it the" rubber match."

Steve Sax said...


The use of the word "rubber" to describe a tiebreaker is believed to have originated in the English game of bowls.[1] The use of the word rubber in the term "rubber match" is believed by many to have been coined due to the likelihood that each fighter has been knocked down to the floor or "rubber" mat of the boxing ring by the other in each previous fight. Also, the fact that each fighter effectively "bounced" back (like rubber) to fight again the victor of one of the previous two fights to decide (at least by popular opinion) which of the two athletes is indeed the better fighter.

Often this is the last time the two people will fight and decides who will have the winning record, thus rubber matches are generally greatly anticipated and often have a higher purse than the earlier two fights. The term has come to mean any best-of-three competition and has, along with many sports analogies, migrated into politics.

--SoSG's The More You Know

Fernie V said...

And knowing is half the battle.