Friday, July 22, 2011

Stark On Possible Dodger Dealings: Kuroda, Carroll, Furcal

So says's Jayson Stark, Hiroki Kuroda might not be the only Dodger in play:

The Yankees, Tigers, Red Sox and Rangers are among a bunch of teams that have asked the Dodgers about Hiroki Kuroda, but those teams are still waiting for word back on whether Kuroda would approve a deal. Clubs that have spoken with the Dodgers say they'll almost certainly move Jamey Carroll. And there are indications they've gotten some nibbles on Rafael Furcal.

I'm shocked someone might be intersted in Raffy. Wow.


Fred's Brim said...


I think Raffy is cursed for dicking over the Braves like he did

Kyle Baker said...

Thx Hiro but understand thisis bound to happen. Furcal, I admit your heart and hustle and appreciate your service to the Dodgers. However, and I know this sounds weird, but don't fucking touch Carroll over my dead body! This guy has more heart than damned near anyone on the team and is clearly the team leader. We need him. I'd rather have a team full of Carrolls than guys who just mail it in (cc: Russell Martin).

Josh S. said...

JMart would mail it in and forget the stamp.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Raffy would most likely be either a salary dumb or a throw-in with Kuroda.

spank said...


Steve Sax said...

Dusty always has had a (wide) eye for Ackbar

Kyle Baker said...

Hey, look on the bright side; all we need is:

~2-3 SPs
Middle relief

We're almost there!

Kyle Baker said...

Headed to the Yard tonight, lads and lasses. Anyone else?

Hey, at least if we don't win, I can feel good about my little step-team winning.


Nostradamus said...

It was either head to the yard or get wasted immediately. Guess which one I chose.

Kyle Baker said...

Guess which two I chose.