Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tomorrow's Court Ruling: The Start Of The Breakdown?

Bankruptcy hearings proceeded today, and here's what we know: tomorrow, judge Kevin Gross will rule which bankruptcy loan the Dodgers should utilize: McCourt's higher-interest, higher-fees deal, or the one proposed by MLB and Bud Selig. As a Dodger fan, you have only one choice for which to root:

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt arranged for a loan from a hedge fund; MLB Commissioner Bud Selig prefers that Major League Baseball fund the loan.

Whichever way the ruling comes down, it will not mean McCourt will lose ownership of the Dodgers. Instead, the ruling sets the stage for the parties to argue the core issue in this case: Can McCourt auction the Dodgers' cable television rights to pay off the team's creditors and remain the owner, or can Selig get the court to enforce the league rules to which McCourt agreed, including rules that grant Selig the right to approve all television contracts and the right to strip an owner of a team upon filing for bankruptcy?

This decision may not evict Frank McCourt as owner, but it might be yet another solid step towards the inevitable. I suppose McCourt's deal could be selected, and Selig could counter with the "best interests of baseball" clause and trump McCourt; either way, one has to think that that clause is going to get tested in court before Frank finally disappears.


Steve Sax said...

No Tears for Fears fans?

Mad world, people.

spank said...

Sorry,Saxy. I was head over heels, broheim.

Fred's Brim said...

and I've been sowing the seeds of hatred of Frank, plus some radishes

Pistol Pete Reiser said...

I know everybody wants to rule the world, but, one fact seems elemental. Frank is unfit to rule to Dodgers. Please stop the hurting.

Steve Sax said...

OT: In "Break it down again," when Orzabal sings "Hot tips for the boys", we used to laugh that it sounded like "I touch little boys".

Good times.

Jason said...

Sax, and you'll never convince that he doesn't sing "I touch little boys. "