Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oslo Bombing Interrupted This Poor Chap's Workout

This is OT but you have to see this interview video posted on Gawker, from a man on the street describing the chaos of the recent bombing in Norway--in the context of how it interrupted his workout! As Gawker's Seth Abramovitch opines:

It's impossible to wrap one's head around the awfulness to befall Norway this week, so one New Zealand newscast turned to a Kiwi expat who was near the site of the Oslo bombing for an eyewitness account. Unfortunately, however, that's all just a pretense for Cameron Leslie to share what's really been on his mind over the past few days: his totally killer workout!

You'll hear all about how he cycled beneath the targeted government building on his way to the gymnasium, then was in the middle of his "eighth repetition of a 165 kg bench press" when the car bomb detonated. (Despite all the chaos, naturally, he finished his set.) Why do you need to know that? I'm not sure! But 165 kgs sure is a lot of kgs! Way to go, Cameron! May I ask about your diet? I hear low-fat proteins like chicken and tuna are best for adding lean muscle mass.

Way to put horrific national tragedy into self-absorbed vain context, dude.