Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thanks A Lot, Albertsons, For Ruining My Day

On the way into work today, there was a radio advertisement for Albertsons that was so awful yet so catchy, I am still shaking my head about it hours later. The script goes something like this:


The toughest thing in the world is to be a bell pepper at Albertsons.

[pause for dramatic effect while listener wonders why]

Because at Albertsons, every bell pepper goes through three test inspections, just to make sure that only the freshest produce makes the cut.

[start techno beat, and cut to a cheesy cover version of...]

Arrrrrgh! SO MANY QUESTIONS! What does a bell pepper, or any kind of produce, have to do with Kool and the Gang? Why is Kool and the Gang this desperate for royalties? Why is that woman scrubbing the ground among quadrilateral-based paper pyramids? How can I get this damn song out of my head?!?!

Oh my god this is painful. Not quite TIDU painful, but still.