Thursday, July 14, 2011

At Least Dodger Stadium Hasn't Sunk This Low...Yet

Dodger Stadium attendance this year has been challenged, evidenced by sections with gaping holes of empty seats and shuttered concession stands. But at least we havent sunk to the lows of the Florida Marlins:

MIAMI -- The Florida Marlins are closing the upper deck at Sun Life Stadium.

The Marlins rank last among the 30 major league clubs in home attendance, and the team no longer sees a need to sell seats in the second level of the football stadium they call home. Florida plans to move into a baseball-only ballpark in downtown Miami next year.

Upper-deck seats may be made available for certain games, including the Sept. 28 home finale. Team officials say the move will cut operational costs, plus create a better atmosphere by having more fans in the lower level near the field.

You know what else would improve the atmosphere at Sun Life Stadium? More Marlins Mermaids.


Nostradamus said...

Even in this bleak of a season, I'm still jonesing for the return of baseball after a couple of days.

My sanity is highly suspect.

Pride of Dong said...

Same for the A's, but thats been 2 seasons now