Friday, July 15, 2011

Connecticut Post Calls It For Cuban

I find it touching that William Paxton of the Connecticut Post (Southwestern Connecticut's largest daily newspaper) is imploring Bud Selig to not only unseat Frank McCourt as Dodgers owner, but go ahead and give it to "perfect fit" Mark Cuban:

Any time a sports franchise hits the market, the Dallas Mavericks owner's name vaults to the top of the buyer list. But in this case, the Los Angeles Dodgers really could use Mark Cuban. Dodger blue now stands for how fans feel about their team, and even San Francisco Giants fans can admit baseball is better when L.A. has a good team. Just like when the Red Sox were for sale in 2002 and baseball made sure to get the right guy, Bud Selig needs to come through again in one of his major markets. Cuban seems like the perfect fit.

Boom! Cuban it is. Now I wonder what Paxton thinks of the inherent instability of India/Pakistan relations in an increasingly multipolar world?


Josh S. said...

Nice pull on the pic. Paxton...Cuban.

Well done.

Fernie V said...

That's just weird, some nerd needs to make choosing an owner, a science. Some new weird science. I don't know if you can trust a cuban running things. With our luck, MLB, will attempt to pass some Dominican owner for Mark Cuban.

Fernie V said...

Josh can you read minds?

Fernie V said...

thx, hey tried to comment on your Penis vid, but don't have a facebook or twitt account.

Fernie V said...

Wow, just saw the video on ESPN about Cuban saying he's got his eye on it(Dodgers). Saxy you know something I don't know?