Saturday, July 09, 2011

Comment of the Moment: Guess Who's Cunning To Dioner

From Thursday night's GT, a hilarious comment from Josh S. following an improbable triple by a rotund third-string catcher batting .170:

Josh S. said...

Huh? Gameday says "Dioner Navarro triple" but it's not followed by "cheeseburger."

7/07/2011 8:56 PM

SoSG AC and I were at the game, saw the comment on the iPhone, and started passing the phone around for others around us to see. Much laughter ensued.


Fernie V said...

That was some funny shit, I even turned to the wife to show her and she just looked at me like I was a dumb ass.

Pistol Pete Reiser said...

oh oh, I know that look!

Josh S. said...