Wednesday, June 08, 2011

No Dodgers, One Giant On "Most Disappointing" List's Dan Syzmborski picked his most disappointing players in this 2011 season, and though there weren't any Dodgers on the list, there was one Giant. Who will go nameless, especially since the link is insider only. Oh, what the hell, you're twisting my arm, so here it is:

3. Miguel Tejada -- Preseason: .287/.319/.411, Update: .271/.301/.375

Tejada has done a solid job as a defensive shortstop, but the Giants hoped going into the year that he'd be respectable offensively as a short-term replacement for the departed Juan Uribe. Instead, Tejada's OPS is an abysmal .515 and, at age 37, the odds are good that Tejada has gone over the proverbial cliff. Already 15th in the league in runs with the benefit of two months of Buster Posey, the team needs to get more offense and has to seriously consider giving the surprising Brandon Crawford a shot.

Vernon Wells of the Angels also makes it onto the list, btw.


Greg Hao said...

Why would any Dodgers be on the list when the Dodgers weren't expected to do shit? That's like saying don't expect Charlie Sheen to be good on Two And A Half Men in the fall.

By the way, what the hell is the appeal of that damned show? I watched half an episode once and almost slit my own wrist.