Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Luckily, Kuo Bobblehead Chasers Need Not Leave Their Wallets In Cars

Frank McCourt made the June 15 payroll, so there shouldn't be any shakedowns for loose change at the stadium gates this evening:

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has met the team's Wednesday payroll, two people familiar with the Dodgers' finances said Tuesday.

McCourt is 5-for-5 in making payroll this season, even after Commissioner Bud Selig tabled a long-term television contract with Fox that McCourt said had been factored into the Dodgers' financial planning for this season. Without the revenue from that contract, McCourt met the Dodgers' first three payrolls with a $30-million personal loan from Fox and met the May 31 and June 15 payrolls by juggling payment schedules.

However, with a wave of deferred payments coming due, McCourt needs about $30 million -- roughly triple the usual amount -- to meet the June 30 payroll. The Dodgers appear to have "no chance" to meet that payroll without a cash infusion from that Fox contract, according to a person familiar with the team's finances.

No word on whether Frank, now aligned with religious leaders, might pass offering plates down the row during tonight's game.