Monday, June 20, 2011

Comment of the Moment: Barajas In Super X-Mo

Also wanted to give props to Josh S. and Dusty for their consecutive zingers in Saturday's GT:

Josh S. said...

The throw got to the plate, I went backpacking across Europe, and when I got back, Barajas was about halfway down from third. (6/18/2011 7:47 PM)

Dusty Baker said...

I just read _War and Peace_. Is Barajas safe yet? (6/18/2011 7:53 PM)

Boy, am I glad I missed seeing this game. Shades of Glenn Hoffman, for pete's sake.


Jeff J. Snider said...

I've often wished that Dodger broadcasts would have a little picture-in-picture thing, so we could watch Vinny's face as he is telling all his great stories. I had that thought again when he referred to it as a "close play at the plate." I REALLY wanted to see if he was saying it with a straight face.

Steve K said...

Jeff: I'd never thought of the picture-in-picture, but I've long wondered what Vin Scully thinks as he's saying some of the things he says.

I imagine him pissed off at all the sh*t he has to deal with, but too classy to say anything.

Does he regret coming back for this year given the state of the team?

Also, last year he had to do promos for the movie "Dinner for Schmucks". I always wondered what his thoughts were as he said them.