Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Staying Loyal To Your Team

Yesterday's WSJ also had an article on the health benefits of staying loyal, and the sidebar had a couple of interesting questions and answers about staying loyal to one's team:

Q: You move from a city with a second-rate sports team to a new city. Do you stay loyal to your old team? Or root for the team in your new home?

A: Most people stay loyal to their hometown team. It helps them keep a sense of identity in a new place and connection in their hometown.

Well, duh. But how about this one:

Q: How do sports fans continue to root for teams that lose year after year?

A: Putting down the other team (or its fans) helps. So does recalling past events inaccurately (e.g., the good times were better than they were). Or take pride in your ability to be loyal and hope to look smart someday.

All right then! We Sons deliver on all three of those points (except we look smart NOW).