Tuesday, June 21, 2011

McCourt's Sacks Hanging Some Hairy, Albeit Shrunken, Meatballs

The McCourt vs. Selig brouhaha escalated further today, when McCourt, seemingly getting more testes with each passing hour, had one of his hired guns try to portray Frank McCourt as a victim to the press. Get a load of these bombastic, substance-free claims (bold emphasis mine):

LOS ANGELES -- Baseball commissioner Bud Selig hasn't acted in good faith by rejecting a proposed television deal involving the Los Angeles Dodgers and appeared determined to run Frank McCourt out of the sport, an attorney representing the embattled owner said Tuesday.

A day after Selig announced he wouldn't approve a Dodgers TV deal with Fox Sports -- reportedly worth up to $3 billion -- lawyer Robert Sacks questioned the commissioner's intentions and warned that any potential takeover of the team by Major League Baseball would be met with resistance.

"There seems to be a predetermined result to drive Frank out of baseball without a good faith basis," Sacks said. "This isn't going to go away quietly." [...]

"If the commissioner wasn't prepared to approve the transaction, he should have told Frank so he could pursue other avenues," Sacks said. "I think I would say the commissioner has put the team in a cash-flow bind and Frank is reviewing his options to address that situation as best he can given MLB's unwarranted action."

Yes, it's the commissioner who has gotten the Dodgers into this cash-poor situation, suuuuuure. Unless Sacks is referring to Selig's decision to approve McCourt's ownership in the first place, I don't recall the commissioner siphoning $100M out of the franchise to fund his own lavish living habits, or getting in a public messy divorce squabble, or robbing the Dodgers to pay two of his sons exorbitant salaries in absentia, or leveraging future revenue streams just to get cash flow in the immediate term. Nope, that was all YOUR CLIENT, Sacks. Nice try.

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