Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Culture Lessons with Vin Scully

Thanks to SoSG reader John Hendry for this Vin tidbit:

Just another Vin Scully-ism from Wednesday's dozing off summer weekday day game with the Tigers.

The camera shows two kids--playing behind the home plate screen--and Vin remarks "it's Penrod and Sam". I'm on my computer--so I go to "Penrod and Sam"--and it's a Booth Tarkington novel from 1914--and Penrod and Sam are Tarkington's take on a Tom Sawyer-like childhood.

You need a computer when you listen--not just because of the new "statistics"--but because of the old "classicism" of Vin Scully.


Kyle Baker said...

Heh - "statistics" - that's good stuff.

Nice find!

Dave said...

What does it say about me that I get all of Vin's references even as he says them?