Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post-Game 66 Thread: Yippee-Ki-Yay, MSB

"It's a TRAP!"


Lots of highlights from last night's game, in which the Dodgers' offense beat the Dodgers' defense. But more than Aaron Miles' 4-for-4 night with 2 RBI, Casey Blake's PH 2B that scored three runs, or Tony Gwynn Jr.'s magnificent game-ending catch in left field--Jamey Carroll, 4-for-5 and positioned in the lineup so early that RBI don't come easy, delivered in a huge way.

Carroll not only added the Dodgers' last two runs in the top of the ninth inning, doubling in Gwynn and Dee Gordon to stretch the lead to 11-6, what was awesome was he popped up after the double and showed an emotional yell of excitement. This, from a relatively stoic wide-eyed player. Mon Calamari! Whatever; Carroll, we loved it--thank you for being a highly-productive Mini-Sirloin Burger for the Dodgers this year.

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Kyle Baker said...

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