Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue Rock and/or Roll

Delaware is not known for much. Except for...

And the DelinO. Both regular and unleaded (SoSG). After a week of Dunkin Donuts, Tastykakes and Yuengling, the DelinO and his elder child journeyed to Frawley Stadium - named after our former Mayor and his recurring DUIs - to catch the Single A Wilmington Blue Rocks."Tomorrow's KC Royals Free Agency Pick Ups TODAY!"


The numbers alone could make the Pope weep. FREE PARKING. $40 for four box seats, four drinks, and four hot dogs.


In case I couldn't tell by the lack of sales tax, there were a few culinary reminders of where I was. (Look closely)

As advertised, the game was 90's Night.

Though there was no Zack Morris, a few familiar faces showed up.

Pre-meltdown Britney

Pre "Master of Disguise" Garth

Alas, their "Wayne" was lacking. If right now, you said "Party On" in your normal voice, you'd sound closer to Mike Myers than this guy. Not to mention he looked like he just got paroled.

Aside from being able to get Yuengling on tap, the real draw might have been the mascots. Rocky Moose, with his exceedingly friendly hands...

Even if my two-year-old's abject fear left the blue moose a shell of his former self.

Then, there was Celery. Yes, CELERY!

He showed up for every run scored... and is now the single greatest Bobblehead to grace my desk.

There was a game too against the Lynchburg Lemonades or whatever they're called. Seven innings of a 2-1 pitcher's duel turned into a 10-7 party. If you care, box score it up here.

As I braved the six minutes of traffic on the way out - with cash still in my wallet and a vegetable bobblehead bopping along - I wondered why we ever go broke in major league Chavez Ravine when we can live like minor league kings in Rancho Cucamonga or the Inland Empire.


Dodgerbobble said...

I want Mr. Celery.

Erin said...

Perhaps someone should notify them that it's not spelled "SOUNVENIR."

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

@erin - I didn't even notice that. LOL! Cause I was so riveted by the chance to order a SCAPPLE SANDWICH!