Friday, June 24, 2011

Off-Day Puzzle #5: Solution

By golly, for once in his life Jason Repko is the answer.

There were two levels to the puzzle:

  1. First, the poem at the top hints that the title of the post is masked. If you hover over the title of the post or notice the url, you will see the hidden clue "Add "ORNKPKPPYIODHRJRYS" Down the Middle". This poem also tells you the following letters comprise a cryptogram.
  2. If you add the letters down the middle, you get:


  3. Next, notice the two outside columns of letters spell, reading upwards starting from the right column, "Ignore these words but not those inbetween". So, as hinted at by that message, you should ignore those words but not those inbetween.
  4. The middle three columns form a simple crytogram, wiht the underlined letters indicating the start of a new sentence. The cryptogram code is: A → F
    B → L
    C → K
    D → Y
    E → V
    F → W
    G → Q
    H → T
    I → S
    J → N
    K → A
    L → C
    M → G
    N → O
    O → I
    P → H
    Q → B
    R → E
    S → R
    T → U
    U → X
    V → Z
    W → M
    X → P
    Y → D
    Z → J
  5. Solve through horizontally and you'll get the message "Six seasons ago he had the third most hit by pitches on the Dodgers". That's Jason Repko!

Congratulations to BCCSweet, QuadSevens, Mr C, Jason, UBragg, and Steve K. Updated rankings to post soon.

Next Puzzle, July 11, from last season's runner-up Mr Customer.


spank said...


QuadSevens said...

I thought that I was going to win this puzzle. When I solved the cryptogram (using this website: I hadn't seen BCCSweet's answer post yet. I got so excited that I read the cryptogram wrong twice and had Jeff Weaver, then Giovanni Carrara as an answer before realizing I didn't need a pitcher. I'm just happy I solved one before UBragg for a change.

Todd Etter said...

Hehe... I used a program too and got the message:

"SinSe as of s ago he Had The Third Most hit by pitches of the dodgers"

The "as of" part seemed so solid, so I first guessed Alex Cora looking at career HBPs. It wasn't until I realized my spacing was wrong that I got Six Seasons... looks like it was a fairly close battle for first.

Thanks for the fun puzzle, EK.

Loney Fan said...

EK, you slay me. Okay SoSG fans. Free all you can eat tickets to the outfield pavilion tonight if you post a message back before my co-workers finish battling to the death for them.