Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Fight for the Ages: One Night in Anaheim*

* Not to be confused with One Night in Paris - Hilton's finest acting since that interview where she claimed to read.

As a Father's Day Gift, the DelinO took his father in law and DeShields clan to see the Angels face the Yankees. Anaheim Stadium is sort of like the Bizarro version of Dodgers Stadium. When I asked the parking gate attendant if we could just pull in without paying for a quick will call pick up, HE SAID OKAY. HE BELIEVED ME. (To reward his kindness - after we decided to just hang out at the Stadium for the hour before the game - I walked over and paid him the $10)

But it gets weirder. Two of my in laws had to cancel - meaning I had six tickets when all I needed was four. AND THE BOX OFFICE LET ME EXCHANGE MY SIX TICKETS FOR FOUR BETTER SEATS. They're so nice and kind in Anaheim.

It's terrifying.

Not that the whole game was wine and roses. There was a fight. A glorious fight. Over numbers. I did not get any pics of the participants, but found some pretty close approximations for ya'. On one side, a Yankee fan...

... who loves Derek Jeter. So much so that he had made his own hand0-drawn hit counter for Mr. Minka Kelly. Until one number fell from his hands... and was snatched up by a female Angels fan.

Who refused to give it back. Words were exchanged. Maybe a shove or two. And eventually the world's oldest usher...

...and a couple of beefier guards escorted both of them out. To raucous applause, including by my three-year-old.

And for the first time all day, the Angels deserved the tag of "LA."


Steve Sax said...

DelinO: hey, glad you survived a trip past the Orange Curtain

(assuming you made it back, that is)