Friday, April 08, 2011

Off-Day Puzzle #1: Solution

This one was painful to solve, I know and I apologize. However for those who made it through, the solution was Rafael Furcal.

The solution is as follows:

  1. Open up your internet browser, go to your 'favorites' (or 'bookmarks' in some browswers), and select Rebecca Black's Friday video.
  2. Find where each of the six stills occurs in the video.
  3. Determine what word she is enunciating during each still.
  4. Isolate the first letter of each of the six words.
  5. Determine the day of the week each of the indicated dates lands on. So far, your work should look something like this:
  6. Order the first letter of each word from step 3 according to the corresponding day of the week, starting with Sunday. If you need help with the sequence, see this handy instructional video.
  7. Spelled out, it should read "FURCAL"

Congratulations to UBragg, Loney Fan, Dusto Magnifico, Greg Finley, Josh S, Mr C, and Steve K. Scores to be posted puzzle, Thurs, April 28, 7am PT! (FYI, puzzle schedule posted halfway down on the sidebar -->)

And by the way: you're welcome. For giving you a valid excuse to listen to that song over and over.


Kyle Baker said...

I didn't have any time to spend on this one but for a few moments. I just kept coming up with DIELASORDADIE.

Orel said...

EK, don't forget most of us have that video set to our homepages, making Step 1 unnecessary.

Steve K said...

I liked that in my congratulatory email, EK reminded me that "just cuz you solved the puzzle doesn't mean you can't still listen to the song..."

Like I needed reminding!

Steve Sax said...

wait, you have to open up your internet browser? no wonder why i couldn't get this one

Mr. Doctor said...

So my guess of Davy Lopes, First Base Coach, was totally off....

Mr. Doctor said...

I didn't even know there were hints! I need to start reading this site past noon.

Josh S. said...

Not for nothin', but "Rushin' can lookin', fresh up afterwards" sounds like a better lyric than anything in the actual song.

Jason said...

Damn it! I just woke up from sleeping off that 45 hour work day. Normally I'd be pretty pissed off about missing an off day puzzle but it looks like my shitty week at work saved me from listening to a shitty song over and over again. I'll call it a wash.

rbnlaw said...

Hmm. I guessed Rick Monday.

Loney Fan said...

This gives some relief

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Conan's version of "Friday" called "Thursday