Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ethier Takes Sole Ownership Of Longest April Hitting Streak

With his run-scoring double in the first inning, Andre Ethier has assumed sole ownership of the longest April hitting streak in MLB history, with 23 consecutive games with at least one hit. It came on a 2-0 count off of Chris Volstad of the Marlins. It was Ethier's ninth double of the year, putting him on track for 58.3 doubles for the year (assuming he doesn't double again in this game); 58 doubles would put Ethier in the top ten single-season all-time (Todd Helton is the only active player in the top 10, with 59 doubles in 2000).

Congratulations, Andre! Keep hitting!

Earlier: Ethier Extends Streak to 22, Tied For Longest April MLB Streak Ever (man, that is awkwardly worded)


spank said...

Impressive.Most impressive.

Damon said...

Free James Loney. Those were the days

spank said...

Where the duct tape at?