Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In World of Security, Dodgers Like Lonely Guy at Dance

From "Dodgers pick LAPD veteran Rich Wemmer as security chief" at the LA Times:

The Dodgers have chosen former Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Rich Wemmer as their security chief, but are awaiting approval before they can finalize his hiring. [...]

Wemmer, 63, a onetime Dodgers clubhouse attendant, has been offered the job, according to team officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the move isn't official.

The Dodgers settled on Wemmer after approaching numerous former LAPD command staffers and being turned down, according to law enforcement officials.

Used to be a position with the Dodgers was a prestige job. Now they can barely give them away. Is this because Ray Maytorena ("Hey, Maytorena!") was let go after only two years on the job? Is it because of the negative publicity caused by the Bryan Stow incident? Imagine that — the LAPD afraid of bad press.

In any case, welcome to the Dodgers, Rich Wemmer. Hope your new job isn't as thankless as it appears.


Nostradamus said...

Girls that ignored me at parties never wore outfits like that. Modern-day dorks have is so much easier.