Thursday, April 21, 2011


  • Frank McCourt has made a statement. And what do you know, Jamie McCourt has made a statement too:
    As the 50% owner of the Dodgers, I welcome and support the commissioner's actions."
  • Frank is robbing Bingham to pay Fox. From the above article, by Bill Shaikin at the LA Times:
    McCourt needed a $30-million loan from Fox in order to meet payroll last week, secured with funds he does not have and might never have.

    In the event McCourt cannot repay Fox, he has promised the company $30 million from any settlement with or judgment against Bingham McCutchen, the law firm that drafted the since-invalidated agreement that McCourt had relied upon to establish his ownership of the Dodgers.

  • Tim Brown dismantles Frank. Nice work, Mr. Brown. Will McCourt surrender the Dodgers quietly? (Yahoo! Sports)


KLD said...

Does anyone know if the 400 million in debt McDipsh@t has is above and beyond the 440 million to buy the team in '04 or, is this in addition to the initial purchase amount which would make the debt more like 800 million?