Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post-Game 25 Thread: Piti-vol


The Dodgers led 4-2 going into the eighth yesterday. They lost. The Marlins led 4-2 going in to the seventh today. They won. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

Mike Stanton broke Clayton Kershaw's back today, singling with the bases loaded in the sixth. Okay, so maybe my revolutionary prognostication was wrong. But I did predict James Loney would go 4 for 4 today. What's that, I didn't? Well, I thought about calling Andre Ethier's record-setting 23-game hitting streak. So there.


Steve Sax said...

This loss really sucks.

Paul said...

Well that whole Dodgers have the toughest April schedule reasoning is gonna end soon.

Want a tough schedule? Look at Baltimore's.

spank said...

It's going to be a long year,peeps.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

What Spanky said.

Jason said...

My vocabulary is not quite up to speed after all this vodka, but I believe this season is quickly beginning to smell like a puddle of vomit left in the back of a Volvo. Or perhaps a Volkswagen.

Oy vey.

NicJ said...

That would explain the poor play at home too.