Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Not-So-Full Trojan

Truth be told, the other half the stadium was quite full for today's Spring Game ($10 a ticket. Cheap!) Not that it mattered for USC's various quarterbacks. The Defense handily took care of the Offense, and I can count on one gnarled hand how many passes looked like a professional threw them. Though the silver turd award goes to the kickers. These eyes have seldom seen ineptitude as glaring as a 40 yard field goal attempt on a windless day land 15 yards short.

I did, however, enjoy the scoring system. If the offense failed to score on a possession, the defense got 3 points. If they ran in an interception, five points. No punts nor kick offs. QBs were down by two hand touch.

We used to have a similar scoring system in our old football games.

But there was a bright spot - redshirt freshman DJ Morgan.

Not the Trojan DJ Morgan. Rather a South African DJ of the same moniker.

He's got moves and gas to burn. Look for him to run all over the Bruins until 2013.

Alas, I did not see any undergrads having sex on top of the buildings. And it wasn't from a lack of looking!


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