Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Just Going to Keep Picking at This Scab Called Russell Martin

Thurman Munson. I know! I thought it was Russell Martin too!

From "Cashman says Martin is 'Munson-like' " at

Brian Cashman says that he can remember as far back as three years ago talking with his right-hand man, Billy Eppler, and agreeing that they thought Russell Martin was "Thurman Munson-like."

Over the past three years, Cashman said he called the Dodgers to try to trade for Martin. Each time Los Angeles told him that Martin was unavailable. (How interesting would that have been with Jorge Posada still firmly the catcher if Martin were brought in?) [...]

The Yankees signed Martin for $4 million and, after the most exhaustive physical Cashman can ever remember, look as if they may have an All-Star.

(Bold mine. Mine all mine.) Whoa there, Zippy Chippy. Which is more knee-jerk: the Munson comparison, or the All-Star talk? Unless every Yankees starter is guaranteed a spot in the All-Star Game. Is that how it works? I forget.