Thursday, April 21, 2011

Russell Martin Is Happy With Orange Nail Polish

Picked up this post off of the Canadian Press (no link). I don't know what the takeaway is, short of the fact that Russell Martin, Ed Hardy-sporting dude, also loves himself a nice naturally-colored manicure:

TORONTO _ New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin doesn't mind the cold weather.

It means he can wear gloves, and that means people won't stare at the nails of his right hand.

The nails were painted bright orange by a manicurist and Martin added white splotches to make it easier for pitchers to see his signs from the mound.

``There are some guys who have a hard time seeing signs,'' Martin said. ``I just don't want to get crossed up and think a curveball's coming and you get a fastball. It's just not fun getting hit with (a pitch at) 95 miles an hour in the face.''

He has had the orange nails for about five games and while it works on the field he has learnt to develop a thick skin off of it.

``You can't miss this with the orange and the white,'' he said. ``Some guys use tape but tape bugs me when I'm throwing the ball. This way I don't have to worry about it. You just have to not get concerned how people think of you or whatever when you're walking down the street.''

Here's looking at you, Russell.


spank said...

It would be easier for the runners on base to steal the signs too.

Dodger Mom said...

My teenaged daughter was wondering where all the orange nail polish was going. (can't roll my eyes enough)

Unknown said...

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