Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ever Wonder How Much The Chase Field Pool Costs?

I spent a lot of time flying this past weekend, giving me ample time to wrap my head around the diabolical sudoku (damn those meddling naked pairs!), and giving me ample time to read articles like this puff piece in American Way magazine, "The Best Seats In Baseball". In the piece, they cite ticket prices in six different stadia--and I should add I have been lucky enough to have seen a game in all six (applause).

Two that I found notable included the pool at Chase Field:

Chase Field
Home field for: Arizona Diamondbacks
Spot: RideNow Powersports Pool
Price: $3,500 to $4,000 for up to 35 guests (lifeguard included)

Nobody in his right mind would stray from a pool during the hot Phoenix summers, and fans at Chase Field are no exception. This outdoor area in right-center field is set relatively low, which means swimmers can watch the game — with a heckuva view — without toweling off. Consequently, you might want to wear a helmet while you wade: A few dozen fly balls have cannonballed there.

And the cheap "Uecker Seats" at Miller Park in Milwaukee:

Miller Park
Home field for: Milwaukee Brewers
Spot: The “Uecker Seats”
Price: $1

Talk about getting what you pay for. A full section at Miller Park is obstructed by massive support beams, yet the $1 seats sell out every year. The namesake explains why: Brewers announcer Bob Uecker got laughs in an ’80s TV ad for sitting in a much better seat than his ticket indicated, and Uecker Seat ticket holders tend to follow suit.

I see Frank McCourt adding a pool before he adds Uecker-level seats.


Kyle Baker said...

I see him adding a pool before he adds bullpen help.

karina said...

I don't understand a pool, in a ballpark. I'd rather splurge on nice tickets closer to the action than bathe in a pool. Maybe it's a cultural thing,but I see all kinds of distraction around baseball games, why not just enjoy the game?

Jason said...

I want tickets in Bernie Brewer's old beer mug at the end of the slide. I am 92% certain I could drink my way out.

Unknown said...

Karina- We enjoy our pool cause the temp is 40° hotter outside!