Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jackson, Shaikin Grill Dodgy McCourt

McCourt being interviewed at Dodger Stadium yesterday.

After holding a big press conference in New York, Frank McCourt threw some local writers a bone and sat down for individual interviews. Tony Jackson and Bill Shaikin came out swinging, but couldn't ding the slippery McCourt:

"MLB did not run up $500 million in debt. You did." Very nice, Mr. Shaikin!


Kyle Baker said...


King Fat Panda has a broken bone in his hand that may require surgery.

Steve Sax said...

I also like Jackson's end grafs:

As I got up to leave, shaking hands with McCourt and a couple of his top lieutenants who sat in on the interview, it occurred to me that this final answer was vintage McCourt. He has been accused at times of being arrogant, an adjective that would seem to fit a man who never believes he needs a Plan B because he never concedes in the slightest that his Plan A won't work exactly as he envisions it.

Seven years after McCourt bought the Dodgers, though, it is difficult to imagine that back on Jan. 29, 2004 -- the day McCourt's purchase of the team was finalized and right around the time I was moving to town and taking over the beat at one of the local newspapers here -- that he envisioned his Plan A leading him to where he is today.

McCourt might not think he needs a Plan B. But all indications are that where ownership of the Dodgers is concerned, Selig and Major League Baseball are already working on theirs.

Coupled with the opening analogy of Frank McCourt's walled-off, insulated office, it's interesting. It's almost as if Frank doesn't have any idea how all other parties perceive him and the situation.

Emperor. Clothes. You get the picture.

Does Frank?

Cliff Beefpile said...

McCourt looks more and more like Statler from the Muppet Show every day. All that plastic surgery hasn't done a damn thing.

rbnlaw said...