Friday, April 15, 2011

Hey Jimbo! Hotline

Hey Jimbo!

It's taken us a couple weeks to sort and cross-index the flood of calls into the Jimbo Hotline (still taking calls: 1-360-TO JIMBO). But now, for your enjoyment, here are the coherent ones (term used loosely), along with, for your further enjoyment, their automated Google Voice transcription:

"Hey Jim, but I'm so glad you pick the local Seattle number said that you're looking at a local call, so. Thanks, Jim Bell and go to bed."

Favorite mis-transcription: "Go Jimbo" --> "Go to bed"


" He Jimbo. This is Katy or Jimbo of Aaron Katie's Primal Fear. Spain, question mark. I was just calling to let you guys know that this insanity began at our house today at 6:38 AM when I rolled over in bed and real well care not to tell her that the sun. For with us. Ohh i think it's pretty safe to say that the Jimbo is taking over here and we've renamed our son and So yeah, way, way, I know that her 11A, hey jumbo."

(click here to see he who was renamed Jimbo)

Favorite mis-transcription: "Way to go guys, we're lovin' it" --> "way, I know that her 11A"


"All of that team go out and I spoke to ricky for her little fragment and tax hotline considering to do the vehicle schools. But as for my gym bossi. I am about to embark on my lunch voyage and Tucson, Arizona on my bicycle 890 plus degree weather. And I'm going to window rates. So if that is the extent of bye, Jim, bubbly, go to rogers."

Favorite mis-transcription: "April Fools" --> "vehicle schools"

And actually, I couldn't quite understand everything the Geek said either...was there something about a sex hotline around 0:06? Dr Geek, if you're reading this, please clarify...


"I. I don't know how long. This call will last, but, the gym goes on lying to you. If not press jingles Jim body is. It's been a while."

Favorite mis-transcription: "Do not trust Jimbos" --> "If not press jingles"



spank said...

So the hotline was for real? That's a shame.

rbnlaw said...

I know I've been out of it, but I just don't get the Jimbo stuff.

Guess I'll have to check out 4-1-11 for more info.

I liked the Swedish girls better, BTW.