Monday, July 12, 2010

Ichiro Causes Fan Meltdown

Via VSIMH, here's a hilarious video of Ichiro Suzuki making a lucky right-field fan's day.

I agree with the original post: this video is much funnier with the sound off, rather than hearing the anchor's loud vocals. The girl's reaction, even on mute, is funny enough.

I suppose Andre Ethier could cause that sort of effect in a teenage girl, but I can't think of another Dodger right fielder in recent memory who could have Ichiro-like powers. Maybe Milton Bradley (even though right field wasn't his primary position), but the shrieks would be of terror as the girl tried to hide all water bottles from sight.


Greg Zakwin said...

Could I interest you in gifs of this event?

Fred's Brim said...

Mike Marshall always gave me the sweats

Anonymous said...

Greg is trying to pimp my GIFs and he can't even hotlink it.