Monday, June 07, 2010

Vin Scully, on Modesty

Vin Scully, from Saturday's telecast:

I'll always remember when Walter Alston won the World Championship in 1955. He was from a little town in Ohio, Darrtown, Ohio. I sent him a Christmas card. And so help me, it came back "address unknown."

He was that modest a guy.

Let's go back to this one.

Elsewhere: Alston dies at age of 72 (Lodi News-Sentinel)


Josh S. said...

If anyone still has access to yesterday's game, can I get a transcript of what Vin said when the Braves forgot there were three outs? I didn't hear the whole thing. I just heard him laugh and say, "No, you're right, Scully!"

MR.F said...

What inning was it? I could pull it up from when I get a chance at work. Though... someone else could probably get to it before me.

Josh S. said...

It was either the end of the second or third, since I heard it on the radio.

Kyle Baker said...

I recorded it but deleted it. I think I can dig it out of the trash.

In a nutshell: he talked about how usually he figures his math is wrong when players don't react the way you would expect after recording the last out of an inning. But how he got this one right, hence the "You got this one right, Scully" phrase (or however it was that he said it).

He also talked about how Ely had lost track of outs the day before and then te Braves...made light of the fact that Ely thought there were three but there were onl two, and that Braves thought there were two but there were three.

Funny stuff. I'll see if I can unearth it.

MR.F said...

Bottom half of the inning?

Josh S. said...

Yeah, bottom of the 2nd or third. Braves stay on the field for a bit until realizing there were 3 outs.

MR.F said...

"So they're still standing around on the infield is there anything wrong?"


"...bottom half of the 2nd. Every now and then you'll see an individual player who forgets how many outs there are. Remember John Ely running off the field his last time when there were 2 outs.

But collectively there were 9 sheep standing out on the field wearing Atlanta Brave uniforms. Not one of them knew it was the third out and they kept looking at each other.

But you know what i think happened really? It's a day game on a Sunday after a long night game.

If you're gonna see it, you're gonna see it on a Sunday afternoon.

Alright it'll be Martin Prado to start it off..."

Looks like cut off the good part =(. Damn...

MR.F said...

It was bottom of the 2nd.

Kyle Baker said...

I'll check the Tivo when I get home.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

The Brewers just released Jeff Suppan.

(cough, SIGN, cough)

Just kidding. But seriously, Ned better not go near him with a 20-foot pole.

Josh S. said...

Per the DodgertownUSA Twitter, it looks like "The Monster" is the official nickname the team has bestowed on Monasterios. No mention of Cheerios.

Kyle Baker said...


Oh, I can see me pestering that official Dodgers tweeter unstil s/he changes the nickname to Monster Cheerios. They'll probably give me some corporate psychobabble about copyright infringement on the name "Cheerios" but I'll threaten the with the fury of the SoSG legal team.

Unknown said...

Funny reading the obituary of Alston...two very related pieces to this blog and the current Dodgers.

First, a preview of the '84 NLCS between the Cubs and Padres starring Padre Steve Garvey, who nearly signed with the Cubs that offseason.

Second, The Atlanta Braves fired their manager, one Joe Torre.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Not accepting a Christmas card is humble? Sounds kind of douchey.

Kyle Baker said...


I think you misinterpreted waht was said. I believe it was meaning to say that the address was incorrect, and that the letter carrier or maybe a neighbor or even smalltown post office didn't know who Alston was in order to forward it to the correct address. Alston kept so low that even his fellow townspeople didn't recognize who he was.

That was my take, at least.